How to get more orders for my machineshop

If you are looking for more orders for your machineshop you can do several things .

  • Join the cnc network of  where you can apply as a supplier and get new orders throught our network.
  • Create content on your website and blog about the cnc and the problems it solves for your customers.
    You can also showcase existing clients and projects and hope that google will give send you organic traffic
  • The third and best method is to use a marketing funnel to send payed traffic to from google ads , bing ads or facebook.
    For example you can setup a simple page in clickfunnels that offers your customer something for free in return for the email address.
    This free thing could be anything from a free pdf guide on how to lower the cnc production cost or you can offer a free quotation for the project.
    Once you get the email address you can start emailing your potential customers with other valued content or casestudies.
    After you have your page and freebee setup you can start driving traffic with ads.

Why use google ads to get new customers for your cnc shop?

Because people are already looking for your service in google and you can serve your ads to anyone that is looking for a specific term like: “cnc manufacturing” or “machineshop [your location]’

This same principle can be used for bing ads.
Bing is the nemisis of google search and although it is not as big as google there are still people using bing search to find a machineshop.
So by advertising on Bing you will find new customers that are already looking for your service.

You can also start a podcast where you start interviewing your ideal customers.
Ask them about the business they have and the challenges they faced.
By interviewing people you can “borrow” the following they have online and you will become known as the go to guy for cnc.

We use a mix of all these things but the paid advertising is where you get clients and orders the fastest.