We are building Europe’s largest production facility. Without a physical factory.

The future of the manufacturing industry is online. And Batchforce has been building on this since 2015. Digital is the connecting factor between purchasing and production processes in the production of custom parts. There were already more than enough factories, machines and manpower. We have created digital access for buyers and engineers to this enormous range..

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With CEO Mark Pluijmen

How did Batchforce originate?
"Two entrepreneurial duos found each other. That's how Batchforce came into being. Aron and Jesse had a company in the field of 3D printing. Roy and I were active in the field of data visualization. We met regularly in the Heerlen business scene. At a good time we started doing projects together. The click was there immediately. In 2015 we combined our knowledge and experience and the four of us laid the foundation for Batchforce."
What does the name Batchforce stand for?
"Our focus is on small batch manufacturing, i.e. production in small series. Companies often need small numbers of custom made parts, but the production of these parts was often too expensive or too slow. Because we automate part of the production process via our online production platform, it is more profitable and easier to produce small series. Batchforce literally stands for the power to make small series (batches)."
What do I order via the Batchforce platform?
"It is always about custom made parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. They are often small, tailor-made parts that eventually merge into a larger whole. Think for example of a part for a prototype of a product or a part for a machine or device."
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Prototyping + MNE 2020
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Mark Pluijmen
Chief Executive
Roy Mingelers
Chief Product
Jesse Kirschner
Chief Technology
(Junior) Account Executive (36-40 uur)
Succesful connection between the engineering and productionworld.
Joel Ducay, Head of Electronics Products at Airbus