What does cnc milling cost?

How much does cnc milling cost? The costs of CNC milling depend on several factors.
For example, the cost of CNC milling depends first and foremost on the size of the product to be produced, and the way in which the design is supplied, the degree of difficulty and the quantity of milling work all determine the price of the machining operation..

Door deze verschillende factoren is het dus ook niet mogelijk om direct vaste prijzen te geven voor cnc draai en freeswerk.
Ieder project is immers anders en hierdoor variëren de kosten ook per project.

Milling single pieces or small series cnc?

The cost of producing a few pieces of a prototype is generally proportionately more expensive than having a small series of products milled.
Because no product is identical for a few pieces, the machine has to be adjusted every time and this leads to higher costs.
When milling a small series of products or a large series of products, the costs of setting up the machine can be one-off and a series of products can be made relatively quickly and easily in succession.

Treated or untreated cnc milling

When calculating the costs of cnc milling of parts, the after-treatment also plays an important role.
You can choose to have your milled products delivered without further processing. In this case, the parts will be delivered directly to your home without any further processing.
This type of untreated milling parts will be delivered to you “As machined”.

However, it is often desirable to have a part finished neatly, as these finished parts will still be treated.
For example, you can choose from certain post-treatments such as anodising and deburring.
The finished CNC milling parts are better and more beautifully finished.

Digital 3D drawing delivery for cnc milling

If you are in possession of digital files in which the exact desired dimensions and operations are stated, the cnc milling of parts is often a lot cheaper than if you are not in possession of this digital 3D drawing..

Request a free quote

Request a free quote

If you want to know exactly what the costs are for the production and processing of your design?
Batchforce.com will be happy to give you a free quote for all your milling and turning work.
By using this non-committal cnc quotation service from batchforce, you not only save hours / days of work requesting and comparing quotations, but you are also assured that all your produced parts meet the high quality requirements that batchforce imposes on their suppliers within the batchforce network.


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