Supply chain needs for the high-tech sector

Batchforce offers a significant amount of custom on-demand production capabilities for the high-tech sector, enabling this industry to meet their high demands that go far beyond just creating a 3D CAD file.

Some examples of these high requirements are:

  • Strict tolerances
  • Adapted and often multiple post-treatments
  • Part marking, packaging & labeling
  • Material certifications
  • Measurement reports
  • Specific material temperatures and specifications
  • Accelerated delivery needs

In addition, the buyer has time-consuming onboarding processes at (large) high-tech companies in order to get a new supplier approved, often at the expense of flexible sourcing of non-standard materials or processes.

CNC turning and milling is a common production process because of the wide range of materials, quality standards and post-treatments. Machining on up to 5 axes is common in industry to produce specially designed parts, often in small series production. These produced parts are usually provided with post-treatment, marking, labeling and packaging prior to delivery.


Production of high-tech parts via Batchforce

Batchforce is in a niche between research & development and mass production. Clients have their own (internal) account manager who can immediately start up quotation processes, who helps with specific requests such as multiple after-treatments and can even set up production schedules..

Why Batchforce as a trusted supplier?

Using Batchforce as a trusted supplier provides access to Batchforce’s entire supply chain and associated capabilities. Batchforce is responsible for the quality and delivery of all parts and has its own inspection and NDA programme. Batchforce focuses on having great parts made, guaranteeing quality and offering excellent personal customer service.

You can tune in with Batchforce to order via purchase orders (PO) by contacting [email protected]. Batchforce is suitable for most quality clauses within a PO if they are included in the quotation. Your (internal) account manager can even manage orders via our user-friendly online quotation system.

Batchforce only offers CNC turning and milling work and also has an extensive network for post-treatment without the need for multiple RFQs.

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