Work faster, produce more

Get more out of your machine capacity

We market your available production capacity and technology nationally and internationally hereby securing your online presence.

You stay in control of setting your availability to receive orders. And you choose whether to accept or decline manufacturing requests. We are there to provide you with high quality orders, ready for manufacturing.


Free registration

Registration is easy and use Batchforce without any costs.


Receive matched orders

Only accept production when it fits your production planning.


You choose

You choose to grow with the capacity of the online production network.

There are no sign-up fees or subscription costs for the basic Batchforce services. We only send matched orders to your capacity or qualifications, no bidding wars.

 You sign up
We double check your details
You get access to your machine and order dashboard
When you’re ready, let customers use you’re streamlined order processing!
You receive your order payments from Batchforce

You control your availability

Only accept orders during the summer or maybe only fast manufacturing jobs, at Batchforce you decide when you want to receive new orders.

Request for quote

We drop a request in your Batchforce inbox. Here you will find all the details to make a non-public (not visible for other suppliers) offer. Batchforce gives you feedback on your quote afterwards.

Accepted quote

Batchforce provides you with direct feedback in the case of an accepted quote. Production could start immediately and your offer will be converted to a production order within the Batchforce system. All the files needed for production will be available in one environment.

If you still have any questions
look them up in our FAQ.