Single order, best supplier in the market for each custom part

Batchforce sources pre-qualified suppliers, speeds up procurement and manages your order from production to delivery.

How it works

1. Place online enquiry

Easily upload one or more parts into the Batchforce application and specify your order in just a few clicks. Within 48 hours after your request all your parts are quoted.

2. Receive best prices

By splitting your order we can distribute to the best manufacturing partner for each job. Quickly compare costs with delivery speed and make informed decisions.

3. Order in 1 GO

Only choose the quoted parts you want, and order them all at once. We keep you informed on the progress of your order. One point of contact for all your manufacturing needs.

4. Fast delivery

Through procurement technology we coordinate everything from production to delivery, making sure parts are delivered on time. Quality is assured for every order, we got you covered.

Safe, secure and
without obligations

1. Create free account

Get started right away and create a free account in seconds. There are no upfront costs, you only pay for the orders you place. Click here to register.

2. Pre-qualified suppliers

Each Batchforce Partner is required to submit capabilities information and certifications, before going through a qualification process. We conduct interviews and facility inspections. After completing the trial job, a supplier becomes a vetted partner.


3. NDA protection

All Batchforce Manufacturing Partners have signed strict NDA’s to protect your confidential information, that includes: designs, customer details, data and files.

4. Data security

We remove identifying information from technical drawings, and 3D models can only be accessed by the partner who manufactures your parts. All data is secured on our encrypted cloud storage.

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