Online CNC Cutting Quotation

Requesting online CNC machining quotes has been possible for some time now and for companies using Rapid Prototyping it can be a good solution to have parts manufactured without having to have the expertise in-house.
However, requesting online CNC machined quotations is often a time-consuming business.

There is often a lot of time involved in the request, sending the workpieces or designs and waiting for the CNC company’s feedback on the quotations.

Batchforce is aware of this and has streamlined this whole process for you as the creator as much as possible.
When you request an online CNC machining quote from Batchforce, you can rest assured that the entire process of requesting, uploading designs and receiving the actual quote is therefore fast and easy..

Uploading your 3D CNC designs

Batchforce has been known for years as an innovative company that tries to solve the current problems of its makers.
For example, the batchforce platform has been developed to make it as easy as possible for you as a customer to request a quotation.

A few years ago it was quite a hassle to send the designs to the potential metal companies that could possibly make the parts.  Files were often sent by email and one had to trust that the designs were handled with care.

Sending designs was not only a lot of hassle but as a company you also want to be sure that your designs are not used by others.

With the arrival of the batchforce platform, these concerns are all a thing of the past.

Not only can you send your designs within a few clicks via a secure connection through the batchforce platform.
But we have also done everything we can to protect your designs while we search for the best price for the manufacture of the parts.

Safely send online CNC Files

Batchforce makes agreements with all connected metalworking companies in our network to ensure the safety of your ideas and designs.
So you don’t have to worry about your designs falling into the wrong hands or being used by third parties.
After all, it’s YOUR design and you don’t want others to get away with it.

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Always the Best priced quotes

Due to the large network of manufacturers and suppliers, it is almost always possible for Batchforce to have the parts made for you.
But even here, of course, we go a step further.
For example, it is sometimes quite possible that the projects are divided into different pieces that we can deliver to different makers and suppliers.
Because of our knowledge and of course our great platform, it is one of the tactics we use to make an extra saving on the final quotation price.

Benefitsof the Batchforce Online CNC platform

The benefits of online CNC machining are not limited to ensuring the availability of the physical machines so that the customer’s parts can be produced quickly.
But one of the biggest advantages of Online CNC Machining via Batchforce is certainly the complete team that is ready for the customer.
After the designs are uploaded into Batchforce’s online system, the batchforce team goes behind the scenes to find the best producer for that part.

During this selection we look at the available capacity, the best price for the customer and of course the guarantee of the best quality.

Online CNC Quotations without any strings attached

After the upload of the design, a no-obligation quote will be presented within 48 hours and you, as a customer of batchforce, can make the choice to have the parts manufactured.
The request for an offer is therefore completely without any obligation for you as a customer and there is no limit to the number of quotes that can be requested.

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