International logistics update 📣 – December 2020

Peak season will last another week, so there will still be higher volumes from holiday shipments. Especially now that the Netherlands is in lockdown. Even with the larger volumes, we’ve seen minimal shipping delays as international airlines have managed this extra demand with more flights. Passenger flights to and from China continue to show an upward trend, which also offers extra capacity. In addition, we have added UPS to our carrier list for Chinese shipments as of December 1, 2020. These trends will remain stable after the end of the Christmas season in the Benelux. On the horizon is the Chinese New Year, which will affect production and lead times for international shipping at the end of January. The logistics team will update you in the coming weeks when the consequences become apparent.

Domestically, the COVID-19 pandemic has generated record-breaking shipping volumes. As more people have started shopping online because of the lock down, those numbers have risen even more. These shipping volumes put a strain on logistics networks across the country, which can lead to potential delays. The good news is that our logistics partners DHL Express, DHL Parcel and UPS have added additional capacity to minimise delays where possible. The logistics team will continue to monitor the situation when new restrictions come into effect. Domestic transit time continues to fluctuate between 1-4 calendar days on a daily basis, however the vast majority of orders are delivered to our customers on the promised date.

Guidelines for Batchforce customer

While international transit times are stable, carrier capacity is still limited, so ordering your parts ahead of time is essential. Do not forget to fill in the customs information section when you place orders through the Batchforce platform (this information will be sent to you with the order confirmation). Adding this information will reduce the chances that customs holds the cargo.

Domestically, we see that carriers’ capacity limitations are slowing redelivery attempts. This means that that second delivery attempt can be more than a day after the first attempt. Track your shipment via track and trace sent by DHL Parcel and plan ahead to receive your order when it is first offered.

Batchforce is here to answer all your questions and help you get the fastest possible delivery time, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team through the chat system on the website or at [email protected] if you have any issues have. We’re committed to delivering your order on time so you can plan with confidence!