Move Faster with Online Manufacturing Tools

Lean procurement workspace

Get the job done in matter of seconds.


Easily upload multiple parts

Simply drag and drop all the parts you want to order into the Batchforce application. We split the CAD file into the models it contains for an even faster workaround.


Supercharge your workflow

Manage your manufacturing needs with ease in our web-based workspace. Copy parts and specifications, undo and redo edits, and get feedback on completion.


Share drafts

Save your progress on our secure encrypted cloud storage. Share your draft, gather input from co-workers, and pick up your request at a convenient moment.

Intelligent sourcing system

Target the best production-fit within the market.

Price transparancy

Within one request you get a clear pricing overview on all your parts. Quickly compare costs with delivery speed and make informed decisions.


Distributed manufacturing

By splitting your order we can distribute to the best manufacturing partner for each job. Reducing costs by making the optimal fit and removing barriers to manufacturability.


Share quotes

Save and share quotes with management and peers to get agreement on your purchase. Move your projects forward much faster.


Online supply manager

Ramp up your production fast and cost-effective.


Order multiple parts in 1 GO

Lower your workload on large procurements, save administrative costs by ordering all you need at once.


Online order status

Track the progress of your order within the application and get notified when parts get shipped. One point of contact for all your manufacturing needs.


Archive and re-order

Organize your workspace by archiving old information. Access your archive to view previous orders and quotes, and make new enquiries based on those specifications.

Gain more insight, increase efficiency and move your manufacturing faster