Our solutions and pricing

No minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees.

We provide you the digital capabilities to outsource your CNC and 3D print production in a fast and reliable way. Smart manufacturing happens online with Batchforce

Your manufacturing job is handled by Batchforce.
We will process the logistics and quality requirements.
We take care of the payments to individual suppliers.

Features For engineers and purchasers
Pay per order
Free (easy) registration
Online data-driven sourcing
Source your custom parts online to Batchforce
Upload your STEP (or STL) and PDF file
Outsource CNC turning and milling to Batchforce
Outsource 3D printing to Batchforce

Support service
Ask our support engineers anything
Receive a dedicated quote within 48h
Chat and email
Automation service
Receive sourcing status email notifications
Receive a digital order confirmation
Automated order approval process
Share your files encrypted

Stay in control
Only pay the quoted amount per order (nothing more)
Pay per order
Start production

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