South Limburg start up batch force receives inward investment of 100,000 euros

The start-up Batchforce from Heerlen received a boost in the development of its business last week. In a competition in which the company was looking for startups with the best growth plans, the company received a ton of investment funds. This will be provided by the Amsterdam company Peak Capital, a so-called Venture Capitalist company. Batchforce brings together manufacturers and buyers of CNC and 3D printing parts digitally.

CNC parts are intended for computer-controlled machinery in, for example, factories. The Batchforce team saw that this market, but also that of 3D printing parts, for example, is quite fragmented. There are thousands of smaller and larger companies that have production capacity compared to numerous machine builders, companies in the High Tech industry and many others who just want to buy parts. “The latter group often spends several weeks figuring out who is the best supplier for a part. Who can deliver the required quality. And who has the capacity available,” says CEO Mark Pluijmen.


Reduced time and costs

Batchforce provides an automated solution for this process, so it takes less time and costs. By putting a demand for parts online, the customer sets Batchforce in motion. The company quickly provides an overview of the suppliers of the parts and of the prices that these suppliers charge for these parts. Moreover, the quality of these suppliers is also easy to check. The customer can then easily make a selection and order the various parts from different suppliers at the push of a button. Finally, Batchforce also supervises the delivery of the order, with quality guarantee.


For Batchforce, the investment is an extra impulse for achieving the company’s objectives. “Thanks to the investment and the knowledge gained, we can expand our service for both customers and manufacturing companies. Our mission is to become the leading online manufacturing service in Europe,” says COO Roy Mingelers.