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Supported file formats

Our application accepts files in STEP and STP format. You can also upload a PDF as a description.

Secure storage and distribution of files

Batchforce keeps your design safe and private. If necessary, we can set up an NDA for clients who need this documentation.

Login and register at Batchforce

After you have uploaded the request here you will see a screen where you can register or login to an existing account. Registration is free of charge.

Supported internet browsers

It is best to use Google Chrome with Batchforce. Browsers like Internet Explorer may have problems with several of the website's core features.

Preparing quotations and delivery times

Batchforce will give you prices and delivery times within 48 hours from the time you complete your request. All you need is a 3D model. You can upload it here.

Select specific tolerances

You can add a PDF file with tolerances via the button "Features" and then "Upload working drawing"; specifying tolerances according to ISO 2768 can be done via the button "Features" and then "I have no working drawing".

Confirmation of receipt request

If you have placed the request correctly you will receive a confirmation by email. Did you not receive it? Please contact us directly.

Ai and smart dashboards

We use data to help our customers make smarter decisions. For example, we analyse the STEP file and match it with the most suitable production options.

Payments before or after

At Batchforce you can pay in advance via our online payment system or you can pay afterwards after delivery. You can choose this yourself in the Batchforce application when accepting each offer.

Direct contact? +31 45 369 05 46