Ondersteunde bestandsformaten

Our application accepts files in STEP and STP format. You can additionally upload a PDF as a description.

Inloggen en registreren bij Batchforce

After you upload the application here, you will be presented with a screen where you can register or log into an existing account. Registration is free.

Veilige opslag en distributie bestanden

Batchforce keeps your design secure and private. If needed, we can create an NDA for clients who require this documentation.

Ondersteunde internetbrowsers

It is best to use Google Chrome with Batchforce. Browsers such as Internet Explorer may have problems with several core functions of the website.

Betalingen voor- of achteraf

You can pay Batchforce in advance through our online payment system or you can pay after delivery. You can choose this yourself in the Batchforce application when accepting each quote.

Specifieke toleranties selecteren

Je kunt een PDF-bestand toevoegen met daarin toleranties via de knop “Kenmerken” en dan “Upload Werktekening”; Toleranties specificeren conform ISO 2768 kan via de knop “Kenmerken” en dan “Ik heb geen werktekening”.