International logistics update 📣 – November 2020

When we shared our latest international logistics update on October 6, we announced that orders manufactured in Asia will now be delivered within 3-5 days of transit time, and this is still the case. Orders for which we have received the Intrastat (HS) codes are generally subject to accelerated customs clearance and are generally delivered to us within 3 days. We expect those lead times to remain stable for the rest of 2020.

Batchforce Updates

As the holidays begin and major hardware companies release new devices (such as the new iPhones from Apple, the Xbox from Microsoft, PS5 from Sony, etc.), we know that Asian cargo terminals will become more and more overloaded. However, unlike in March, we consider this to be “just another high season”. Batchforce customers can trust us to meet our transit times.

Guidelines for Batchforce customer

Do you have a time-sensitive part order? Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer a suitable solution for this, for example by producing locally of split orders. For enquiries placed after November 30, it may occur that delivery can no longer be achieved before Christmas, and that customers must take a longer lead time into account.

After placing an order, make sure that you provide a detailed explanation of the Intrastat (HS) codes of your parts and the product where those parts will be installed (the end use), so that customs can speed up the release of the shipment. The order confirmation indicates where you can fill this in, providing the data is easy and not time-consuming (<2 min).

Main takeaways

We expect our transit times for orders produced in Asia to remain stable with transit times to Batchforce between 3-5 days, with orders for which we have Intrastat (HS) codes delivered to us within 3 shipping days. As the peak season for international orders begins, the Batchforce logistics team is ready to support you.

We are closely following the actions of the government and of our logistics partners DHL Express and DHL Parcel regarding the COVID pandemic and measure transit times on a daily basis.