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Where do we come from and where are we going to?


Roy, Jesse, Aron and Mark started Batchforce in 2015 with the mission to develop the future of manufacturing today.

With a history in 3D printing and software development we grasped the opportunity to make manufacturing more accessible. Today Batchforce has 8 people working on our service.

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The manufacturing industry is one of the driving forces of the modern economies. We believe in the power of regional manufacturing. Granting regional craftsmen the power to connect to the world.

Our goal is to strengthen the SME manufacturing industry in a fast digitising world by creating the leading online manufacturing service of Europe.

Batchforce, as a manufacturing technology platform, aims to provide and streamline manufacturing requests on one side and manufacturing capabilities on the other side.

We developed a data-based matching technology able to match the digital production file to an available vetted production facility (national or international) based on various production specifications, volume and delivery time.


Forged the Batchforce idea into a business.


Mentionings of research in WIRED, Dutch Design Week and Kickstarter.


Developed the Batchforce 3D printing service with the support of EU FIWARE.


Expanded the Batchforce service to support CNC machining.


Launched Batchforce and expanded the development team.


Connected the first 36 contract manufacturers in The Netherlands.


Awarded as Iconic SME during DIF2017 and selected for CES2018.


Connected German based, high tech and medical customers.


Expanded the business development team to grow Batchforce supported by LIOF-LBDF.

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